WingRide Model 3

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The WingRide Model 3 is the results of dozens of prototypes made over the past 18 months combined with countless hours of testing on both Maui’s North shore, New Caledonia and Japan. Each size has been specifically designed to provide the best ride possible.

The model 3 will take you from your first moments wing riding thanks to its amazing stability and forward drive all the way to the most advanced riding like waveriding, downwinding, jumping, speeding and more. The focus in our design process has been stability and ease of use combined with stiffness to ride in comfort and efficiently.

Product Description

Big Diameter Double Pipe
You’ll appreciate the easiness of deflating the strut thanks to our double big diameter Leading Edge to strut connection

Long & Tight Handles
Our unique long handles are designed to give you the maximum control of the wing while letting you easily move your hands back or forward without having to let go to a next handle next to it. 

Light Weight
A Special attention has been made to make this Wing Ride as light as possible by only focusing on needed reinforcements proven by hours of testing in all types of conditions.

Flared Out Arc
The Arc has been specifically designed for maximum efficiency. Flat enough for maximum power while flaring out open in order to let the air flow thru the whole wing to let you accelerate, making you easily go upwind and maximizing the forward drive at the start.

Tensioned Canopy
Our unique design creates a canopy that is naturally tensioned for a perfect profile definition at all time. This means a very direct response to input, no flutter when sheeting out and unmatched stability when flown neutral like when riding a wave for example

Tension Diffuser
The front of the wing is reinforced with an added layer of material in order to better spread the natural tension built in the canopy.

Forward Drive
The unique profile combined with the Leading Edge and wing tip shape are all working in combination to let the airflow nicely fly out in order to maximize efficiency provide you with as much forward drive as possible. This means that as soon as the wind flows thru the Wing you instantly get a pull that generates forward speed rather than dragging you downwind.

Center Powered
The overall outline is designed to maximize the power in the center of the wing where you have the most rigidity, providing a very direct and efficient wing that will get you going instantly.

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2.6m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 5m, 6m


Purple, Yellow


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