Wing Ride Model2

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Model2 is for riders wanting to start the new sport of Wingsurfing using either an SUP board, a hydrofoil, a skateboard, a snowboard, a pair of skis, a mountain board, or any other gliding, sliding, floating or rolling device! It will also appeal to current Wingsurfers that simply want to upgrade to performance wing.

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Product Description

After our incredibly successful first model, we went back to the drawing board in order to design an even better wing. The focus was on increased rigidity, power, canopy tension (in order to minimize flutter), forward drive and weight reduction.

The overall outline has been redesigned in order to provide more power in the center of the wing where the Leading edge is the stiffness resulting in a longer strut and smaller wing tips.

Our new Arc shape provides the most stable platform, making the wing simply stay very steadily in front of you when riding, it is also making the “matador rides” effortless.

The Leading Edge diameter has been totally reworked with a whole new taper. It increased in the center in order to provide a stiffer platform making more efficient pumping, giving a lot more support in jumps, and providing amazing low end power. The area closer to the wing tips had the diameter reduced in order to let the tip area twist slightly to adjust to the airflow and provide the most efficiency and forward drive ever on a wing.

Thanks to our new construction we have been able to create a wing that has natural tension in the canopy making for the most comfortable ride ever, the “Matador rides” are now so much more stable with very minimal flutter, it also provides the most direct feel of any wing.

As a result of our new profile, the Model2 has natural forward drive that translates into a wing that turns the power of the wing into a force that pull you forward, i.e side way to the wind rather than downwind. This also make the pumping a lot more efficient at the start and improves the upwind ability, top speed of the wing and windrange.


We have drastically reduced the weight of the wing by focusing the reinforcements only where needed. We also reduced the size of the clear window in order to keep it only in the strategic area of the wing.

New 9mm diameter double inflate/deflate valve for strut: The Strut auto inflates and deflates using two valves in order to make inflation and deflation the fastest possible.

Our handles are now thinner diameter for better handling while keeping their nice stiff structure and use less extra reinforcement for less extra weight, we also increase their length in order to need less handles on the wing while offering more options to precisely position your hands where you exactly want them.

After numerous lab test, we have revamped our Leading Edge and strut construction in order to ensure that the wing can be inflated to the high pressure required for the best ride. The new construction involves a new thread made in the UK that can hold twice the pressure that other sail making thread can. We also added some layers of material at key spots inside the LE and Strut.

Wider leading front handle gives riders perfect control over the roll of the wing when flown neutral, and when starting.

Additional Information


5 m, 6m


Purple – Yellow

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